Give Up 2

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Why should you continue playing Give Up 2? The reason is that you'll be tormented by the giant give up button, which permanently tries to tempt you. A lot of the in-game levels seem too very hard. Please wisely reach the exit door while dodging lasers, guns, spikes, etc.See! The main character wants to unearth a dungeon where secret rooms & dangerous traps are available. How challenging! As his guide, you should maneuver him to the exit door of each room successfully. As mentioned early, it is better to be careful of sharp spikes that are scattered everywhere. The best way to keep alive is to jump over those dangers. Further, the laser beams also work and kill those who get through the certain rooms. That's why you should help him sneak toward the exit as nimbly as possible!Give Up 2 is truly worth a try, right? We hope you feel happy with its content!

How to play

Guide the blue man by arrow keys. Play the game by the left mouse.