Gold Miner

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Don't be reluctant to play Gold Miner now! We smell something precious here! So, if you wish to be a wealthy person! Land here without any hesitation, buddies!In this fun original game, the players need to assist an old man in performing different missions at every level. What are the duties? Initially, make use of a claw and reel in order to collect gold and more priceless things underground. Be careful in observing the swinging claw! Once the right time comes, please tap the mouse to release it. Will it capture everything accurately? It's up to you! Besides, be aware of some items like rocks, skulls, or animals, as they are useless. At the end of each round, players need to visit the Shop to purchase vital tools or items like clover, bomb, etc., as they're useful for the upcoming levels!Gold Miner requires you to be clever and patient to gain the high score! Hope you succeed!

How to play

To control this game, just use the up and down arrow keys.