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As a terrific blend of grinding and crafting factors, the name of GrindCraft just says all you want to know, right? Please make no scruple about entering the playfield and enjoying its charm right now! Here we are!Wonder why the game is more awesome than other Minecraft Idle Games? The reason is very simple. At present, players themselves are not asked to click on objects in a crazy way. Instead, what they must take into account is to grind and craft something. Yes, there are just the 2 core targets during the game. First, promptly gather raw materials. Then, store them all playback. Second, craft tools, weapons, etc. with what you've just accumulated. Of course, all of these crafted items make a huge contribution to the process of buildings.Hope that my dear players will have joyful times with GrindCraft! Good luck!

How to play

Only the left mouse is availed to interact with the game.