Gum Drop Hop 3

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Gum Drop Hop 3 has been finally returned with a new appearance. Wish to play it now? Why don't you come with us here?Feel free to take a step forward a beautiful & stunning island where a lot of awesome things are just waiting for self-discovery. Players are asked to control a tiny gum at that time. Just because this orange creature loves exploring something new in the world; that's why you must help him start his adventure and approach the final destination without any injury. Please guide him how to avoid any obstacle or monster; otherwise, the game will stop immediately. Skillfully jump over the deadly gaps to shy away from the deep sea. Remember to compile items and coins as many as possible to earn more XP points.Get ready? Jump into Gum Drop Hop 3 and have your own memorable moment!

How to play

In order to instruct the gum, using the arrow keys is a need!