Happy Wheels

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Welcome to Happy Wheels Demo Free – a terrific action game! Do you want to become a cool controller of weird vehicles? If yes, come here!Browsing through the first view, the players will realize that the weird vehicles include a wheelchair, a bicycle combined with a small chair, a cart, and even a wheel. Choose the one for the initiation! The players' important duty in that amazing game is to ride the selected vehicle through all suggested tracks to the destination and get a win. The tracks are extremely challenging since they are full of deadly traps, sharp weapons, high walls, gaps, and other obstacles. Navigate the vehicle through all of them and keep the rider safe until he gets the target.Take time to accept severe challenges of Happy Wheels Demo Free ! Remember that children are not allowed to play this game even though it's very interesting. It contains bloody and horrible scenes harming their mind.

How to play

The Z key is to eject. The spacebar is for primary action. The Ctrl and Shift keys are for Secondary Action.