Hero Simulator

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If you have ever thought that Idle Clicker Games are mostly dull and boring, Hero Simulator can change your mind immediately! Like other original versions, the game asks its users to click, click and click until the fund is filled with loots. But, more colorful and cliffhanging traits are also expected to be shown. Embark on the main job right now!The most excellent knight the kingdom, namely Cedric, has protected his landscape during the last 300 years. However, the hour of retirement has come. That's why all hopes just rest on his young son, called Folcard. The son has some potential to succeed, but he must be trained a lot to be worthy of his illustrious dad! During the idle game, you are advised to help Folcard achieve more experience to go up in levels. Though the content features lots of options that can seem confusing at first, it turns out to be addictive with a little perseverance.Good luck to you throughout Hero Simulator!

How to play

The left mouse is used to maneuver the whole game.