Hobo Prison Brawl

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As a new prison, Hobo always suffers from the horrifying torture of bullies in the jail. Today, he's highly angry enough to take his revenge on such the bad guys after the exceedingly bloody kick from them. Enter Hobo Prison Brawl to lend him a hand now, dear players!Before playing Hobo Prison Brawl, you should keep in mind one important notice: Children don't have the right to enjoy the game, as it contains many terrible scenes. In terms of the major objective, please launch a lot of attacks on the bad roommates who bully Hobo. Help him to kick, spit, crap, punch, piss, throw up, blow snot, and do anything so that the rivals may be knocked out. Cops will also prevent him from causing the violence. Hence, let's eradicate them if necessary! It's easy to realize that he'll die soon if his health bar is over.Just activate Hobo Prison Brawl for fun!

How to play

The arrow keys are for moving. The A key is for punching. The S key is for kicking.