Humungousaur Giant Force

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Guess what? Ben10's finally back with another new and challenging mission! In Humungousaur Giant Force, you will have a chance discover a strange planet with him. So, hurry up!When landing on that place, the players need to assist Ben10 in escaping from the aliens' imprisonment. Do you still remember his extraordinary ability? Be quick to turn him into a giant monster in order to destroy all the annoying critters. During the journey, you will guide Ben to avail his powerful kick or punch to knock out as many enemies as possible. Don't forget to grab all the huge rocks or any items on the ground to explode a large number of opponents. Bear in mind that the aliens can attack you back, so, be careful before the health bar runs out of blood.Alright, everything's ready! Be rapid to head towards Humungousaur Giant Force to defeat the targets now!

How to play

Move and block: the arrow keys. Attack: The left mouse.