Idle Mineral Miner

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When playing any Minecraft game, you often spend much time going everywhere (such as mountains, hills, plains, etc.) to mine and collect valuable resources or treasures, right? But, Idle Mineral Miner does bring you a new perspective. What is it? Explore the game here!Today, you simply stand on only one place and mine everything you want. It’s easy to realize that the game gives you a rock that should be mined to earn HP points and minerals. Then, spend the collected number of HP points on new upgrades (such as Speed and Damage) to speed up the digging process. Sometimes, the minerals may be converted into mud or copper which are surely useful for some certain cases later. Wow! It is indeed a brilliant opportunity for players to possess precious and incredible things from the Minecraft world, right?Come on! There is no reason to refuse to play Idle Mineral Miner! Enjoy the game and good luck!

How to play

The idle clicker game is wholly played by using the left mouse.