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Fully prepare yourself to access to Incursion – a game about a fierce fight between human and evil creatures! Can't wait any longer, right? Nothing is better than participating in here with us!Once jumping into the main screen, you must quickly recruit an army of strong and powerful defenders to protect the Kingdom. Here, you're offered 3 major units – Archers, Footmen, and Sorceresses. Don't mind using the available money to hire the compatible troops before entering the battle. Start the rivals' waves early to collect the bonus coins. Players need to observe the screen to know what are happening during the fight as well as providing more units if necessary. Of course, with more creatures you kill, more coins will be added to the budget. Take advantage of money to purchase more troops and upgrade the current ones.Time to show off your directing skill, guys! Let's lead your units to the victory in Incursion. Good luck!

How to play

To interact with the whole game, the mouse is the main key.