Infectonator 2

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Don't go anywhere but head towards to Infectonator 2, fellows! The 2nd chapter of the zombie series is out! With a slight change, do you feel pleasure when playing? Let's enjoy and see!Let imagine how the universe will look like under your domination! Will the people follow every word you say? Isn't it cool? Alright, what exact things do the players have to perform here? Let's turn all people in this world into the scariest creature – zombies. In this beginning, the players will move to different places on the map to approach people. Next, hurry to spread the dangerous virus to infect each person. In every round, you need to kill a required number of citizens. Complete it perfectly, and you'll get a grand reward. Earn extra cash to purchase several vital items for enhancing your skills and infecting ability.After accomplishing the mission in Infectonator 2, you'll become the greatest dominator of the world. Have fun!

How to play

Infect people with the mouse.