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If you are courage enough to dare a lot of challenges given by Invasion, then come here! The game is expected to lead you all towards the fiercest and most panic battle than ever!In this strategy game, every player must prepare a solid army unit before launching their attacks on the enemy castle. How? First of all, please command your troop in the battlefield and then reduce the enemy castle to a really flaming pile of rubble. Think that you are now ready for the combat? Then, start the game now! Carefully plan your strategies while also focusing on the upgrades! Upgrading a building does improve the training of your troops. Further, don't forget to train infantry in the Barracks and archers in the Fletchery. Stay alert as the opponents might fire arrows at you as well as throw boiling water on your soldiers when they come close to the castle.To savor Invasion, simply click on the Survival Mode! Good luck!

How to play

The mouse: Play the game mode.