Iron Knight

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Hey, guys! What are you thinking? Wish to become a courageous knight? Then, Iron Knight is surely your number 1 choice! Quickly land on the playing field to make your dream come true!Did you know that the game is a superb blend of shooting and TD elements? Your main target here is to help a talented knight to battle against many invaders. First of all, guide him to roam around and fix the castle. Next, go through a forest to search for something important. Bring them back to rebuild the entrance doors, which are applied to avoid the rivals' destruction. Whenever spotting their sign, you must keep the character hidden in a suitable place, and then utilize a gun to shoot at them. Never let them enter the castle; or the Knight is in danger.What're you waiting for? Take part in Iron Knight here!

How to play

Arrow keys: Walk around. E key: Pick up items. The mouse: Shoot.