Juicy Bazooka

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You did fill your fridge with a lot of delicious food! In a beautiful day, you went to sleep in peace. When waking up, everything was gone! How poor you are! Don't hesitate to take your bazooka to take your revenge now! Simply fill your bazooka with fruits and shoot at all the thieves. Enjoy Juicy Bazooka!So, how to beat up all the robbers who steal your earned food? What you must do is to launch exact watermelons at them so that they are put to death. It is further interesting to know that the watermelons are also able to bounce off the ground or walls. Thus, do not forget to take advance of the great function to release any imposing shots at the contenders. To solve each level ideally, showing off your cleverness and dexterity is a must.Get an access to Juicy Bazooka and good luck!

How to play

The left mouse is generally used to control Juicy Bazooka.