Keeper of the Grove 2

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Do you want to witness a fierce battle in Keeper of the Grove 2? Be nimble-footed to come here, and lend a helpful hand to defend a fairyland from the invasion of monsters.Actually, this tower defense game is the 2nd installment of the Keeper of the Grove series. In here, your chief task here is to set a strategic and logical plan to prepare for the upcoming battle. First of all, let's recruit several powerful guardians, and then, think carefully before placing them along the path for assaulting the enemies. Never let any of them take away the miraculous stones at the end of the road! If the crystals are stolen, the defenders' energy and power will decrease remarkably. Obtain much money to hire more advanced protectors as well as boosting the current units to strengthen your defensive system.Surely, it's worth trying Keeper of the Grove 2, guys! Join in here to see amazing things!

How to play

Deal with the monsters by using the mouse.