Kill The Creeper

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Loyal Minecraft fans find it interested to let their brain work by partaking in Kill The Creeper. Don’t overlook it, or you will feel regretful. Because creepers are usually ugly enemies of Minecraft locals, become a hunter who kills them all right now!The game comes with 2 game modes, namely Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. But, first-time players have permission to try the Chapter 1 only. The main target of this mode revolves around breaking a few blocks and possible objects to lead a green creeper into the lava hole. The important thing is that there are many gaps, corners and other holes along his road, that’s why he may get stuck in one of these traps any time. Thus, you should think of a wise strategy before taking action.Wow, it is hard to say no to Kill The Creeper, right? Come on and try best!

How to play

The game is absolutely enjoyed by using the left mouse.