Kingdom Rush Frontiers

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You can hear the shocking news after setting foot to the playfield of Kingdom Rush Frontiers! The Highness is today tasked with an important mission. What is this? Don't ask only! Spend time on figuring out the answer instead! Let's go!The truth is that his Kingdom is under siege of many gruesome creatures. How to prevent their invasion efficiently? At present, nothing is significant than fighting against such the enemies and defending the castle. Orderly follow us to master the brilliant tactics? First of all, place a certain number of protective towers in or along the path. Besides, don't forget to hire troops and bring them to the battlefield where the opposing forces are waiting for your attacks. Try best to stop these rivals from entering the castle's gate! Because they are also able to launch counter-attacks on you, always keep yourself careful and focused! Meanwhile, remember to gather coins scattered anywhere to upgrade your units!There is no time to hesitate anymore! Happy time and good luck to you with Kingdom Rush Frontiers!

How to play

The game’s content is dealt with by the left mouse.