Last Town

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Last Town – what is in your mind when it comes to the phrase? Is this the Last Town in a village? Yes, if you are slow in saving the locals here, that can become true anytime. Come on!Let us tell you its story first! Many years ago, 2 talented but ugly witches appeared in the small town and made evil cursed on some villagers. After being detected and expelled, they swore to come back and take revenge! Get ready to prevent their bad intention? Hurry up! The foremost thing is to hire and ask farmers to plant fruits and vegetables for the main resources. After that, recruit more heroes and then lead them towards the main arena for the real battle. You're entrusted with a task of stopping the foes from entering the entrance while serving fruits for such the defenders so as to recover their health.Spend available money in advanced units and power-ups; and do best to conquer Last Town!

How to play

The game is wholly savored by using the left mouse.