Level Editor 4

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If you now want to find new breath, why don't you travel to Wild West with us? How? Let Level Editor 4 fulfill your dreamy expectation! Come on and have self-experience and -evaluation with the gameplay! How wonderful!The game's story is about an interesting expedition of a stickman through the Wild West. To reach the final destination, he is required to overcome all the small courses given by the game! In every course, you should support the main character, as his leader, in climbing ladders, jumping over obstructions ahead, and entering the exit gate. Further, please watch out for lots of pits and wide gaps ahead. Something worst does happen if he unluckily falls into such the traps. It is time to consider having spectacular jumps by arranging the blocks. Along the adventure, don't forget to pick up coins.Spend much time in conquering all challenges of Level Editor 4. Let us see how excellent and competent you are!

How to play

The arrow keys: Take control of the main protagonist. The left mouse: Arrange blocks.