Loot Heroes 2

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Listed as a magnetic adventure RPG, Loot Heroes 2 simply revolves around the 2 main jobs: exploring the dungeons and eliminating all the evil forces! Many awesome items are available to gather and heroes to unlock. But the game becomes more challenging once you deal with an onslaught of devils. Here we come!First, move the square by clicking on it. After that, reach next to any hostiles to attack them to death. With the right mouse, use your mana to get special powers activated. Don't mind picking up all the weapons and loot from the treasure chests on the way. Then, spend cash on many different robust weapons and regenerative potions.You can find it easy to get addicted by the content of Loot Heroes 2! Included with a countless number of characters to choose from, there is no doubt that you have permission to select anyone who fits your mood temperament. Good luck!

How to play

Move and attack with L, M, B keys, while using skill with RMB keys or the spacebar.