Mine Blocks 1.23

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Enjoy the great attraction from Mine Blocks 1.23 where a lot of updates and features are added to the 2D game! Here we are!This adventure inspires many Minecraft fans, thanks to its brand new special features. Get ready to build up an imposing castle of your dream in the Minecraft world? That is obviously the main target here. Every little thing must be carefully mined, i.e. the yellow flowers, mushroom, bamboo, to other apples for your surprising crafting. Then, have such the natural resources well crafted so that the final goal is excellently completed! There are 2 different modes covering the Creative and Survival for more Minecraft lovers to join in and unearth the entire game.What do you feel, guys? Mine Blocks 1.23 has been launched with more new updates on the greatest innovations, right? Pamper yourself with its creative content now!

How to play

ASWD: Move everywhere. Left-click + Shift Keys: Place blocks.