Mine Blocks 1.26.5

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Mine Blocks 1.26.5 helps to make your dream of being a skilled builder come true! Don't mind forming your majestic and imaginative projects through the game interface now, all guys!A builder like you is just asked to pay high attention to 3 main activities here. Initially, wander around to find materials by destroying a variety of sandbox blocks scattered along the game land. Next, craft tools (axes, pickaxes, hammers, torches, and so on), based on the available recipes and collected items. Lastly, set up and sort each of the essential items on the interface so that magnificent buildings are nicely formed. Don't forget to choose impressive landscapes, which are trusted to be the contribution to a new costume for such the Minecraft land.Those who love creativity will find it satisfied to build sandbox structures by stepping into Mine Blocks 1.26.5!

How to play

Roam around the game map by the arrow/ASDW keys. Break blocks by using the left mouse. Place blocks with a combination of the left mouse and Shift key.