Mine Blocks

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Don't miss a great chance to play Mine Blocks , all game-addicts! You all will be surely attracted to the wonderful landscapes in the Minecraft world. Ok, let's go with us!When landing on the playing field, players must fulfill a couple of things. Go straight to the Task List and see the daily task. The major job in this place is to construct a beautiful structure. To start working, you need materials; that's why the players should direct Steve to move around the land and mine some necessary blocks (wood, brick, bamboo, mushroom, grass, cactus, coal, etc.). Then, store them in the Inventory to prepare for the crafting process. Some objects (table, ladder, etc.) and tools (axe, pickaxe, sword, etc.) will be useful for your project. Keep in mind that some deadly creatures might appear at night and destroy your achievements.In Mine Blocks , you can express both creative capacity and imagination. Time to turn a normal place into something marvelous and fascinating! Have fun!

How to play

Move: WASD/arrow keys. Mine blocks: the mouse. Place blocks: Shift and the mouse.