Minecraft Avoider

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Minecraft Avoider focuses on a battle between Steve and hordes of zombies and creepers. But, he looks exhausted. So, enter the game and lend him a hand right now! It is time to express your ingenuity!It is easy to realize that the main character is greatly surrounded by these enemies from all sides. Before he is being attacked to death, you should use a bow and arrows to aim and shoot at them. Try to kill them as many as possible! Along the way, don’t forget to avoid touching them as well as dodge their counter-attacks. It is a good idea to move close to TNT blocks with the aim of releasing a huge explosion which makes all the enemies overthrown. The main objective here is to survive as long as possible.We believe that Minecraft Avoider will be a wise choice for those who are Minecraft fans and looking into something to relax!

How to play

Move Steve by WASD/arrow keys. Use the mouse to shoot.