Minecraft Creeper Diamond

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Get ready to become the best guide of a creeper of Minecraft Creeper Diamond? Although Minecraft residents detest creepers, this one is an exceptional case!  He is kind and outgoing. Today, you are assigned to help him discover a secret cave full of diamonds. Let’s go!Your creeper must overcome 2 obstacles in this cave, namely a lava river and arrow blocks. These obstacles will lead you to the checking point any time you stand on them. The safest place is the ice blocks. The checking point is marked when the creeper reaches a place where every flag is put. Along the journey, remember to gather diamond eggs on the road so as to increase the budget.Get ready to become the first winner of Minecraft Creeper Diamond? Of course, conquering the game is not easy at all. Try best and good luck!

How to play

Use the left & right arrow keys to guide the creeper. Make use of the spacebar key to jump.