Minecraft Tower Defense 2

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Time to consider a Minecraft game mixed with the TD factors, dear all guys! Minecraft Tower Defense 2 is exactly what we want to introduce to you today! The game is also considered the best zone for you to become a talented commander. Come on!During the game, monsters are marching to Steve's castle. Oh, he's calling for your support in the battle against them all. At present, Tower Defense Deployment is the most efficient and useful strategy because the wave of enemies is too strong and crowded. This strategy is done by placing the protection system along the road that is dug from the first location to his castle. Simply destroy the blocks around him to create the road. Then, spend the collected fund on suitable traps and turrets for the above system. It's equally important to select the strategic slots to deploy those protections so that the foes will be eradicated while marching on the road.Hope that you all will succeed in Minecraft Tower Defense 2, dear players!

How to play

The left mouse is availed to play this game.