Minecraft Tower Defense New

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Get fond of a strategy game? Then, nothing is greater than jumping into Minecraft Tower Defense New so as to satisfy your gaming desires for beating up the enemies and protecting your towers.Keep your fear aside when facing up to the creatures which you have got to handle during the 2D game based on the recognizable Minecraft game series. Instead, be wary of your enemies because they are crowded! Feel brave to confront the Creepers, Zombies, and other Skeletons that appear one by one in the warfare. Simply place the given swords along the pathway to destroy them all! Interestingly, once the rivals die, you have permission to assemble their bones or any material (diamond, iron, etc.). Do not let them come close to you, or you will lose all the hearts of life.Hurry get your weapons to fight against the foes! Good luck to you in Minecraft Tower Defense New.

How to play

Left-click mouse is applied to equip and set up the swords.