Minecraft Tower Defense

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Here is a story inside Minecraft Tower Defense . After 3 months' time, Steve has completed a tremendous project (a wooden house with the convenient interior), but he has no time to be happy with this achievement because of the attack of Minecraft monsters. He needs to plan an intelligent strategy for facing up to these rivals. It's clear that he is not strong and wise enough to directly fight against them, so your support is very important. Help him now!The strategy should be carried out around the area next to the road because it's exactly the zone the monsters will march through. Building up a protection fence with towers and turrets is supposed to be the best strategy mentioned here. There is the first number of bricks used to buy those protections, so let's learn how to utilize this source efficiently. After the fence is completed, the targets will be assault and killed automatically. Don't get worried!Steve is waiting for your idea. Get hurried to relish Minecraft Tower Defense now!

How to play

Minecraft Tower Defense is played by using the left mouse.