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A Minecraft man is now building his house. However, this process must come to a deadlock, due to the lack of important resources. That’s why he wants you to transfer such the resources from a remote forest to his house. Engage in MineIT and start the work right now, dear all players!The game contains many levels. The main objective is to tilt the game interface to the right or left side or even rotate it in different directions so that these resources are controlled and moved from the Start point to the Finish point. The higher levels you play, the more obstacles you will encounter along the way, such as gaps, small caves, and holes. These obstacles can get the resources stuck in corners. Show off your caution and cleverness while rotating the screen.Play MineIT and hope that you enjoy the most interesting moment! Try best!

How to play

It is a must to play the game by the left, right, up, and down arrow keys.