Mineral Rush

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Mineral Rush tells about a Minecraft man whose wish is to get married with a lovely daughter of his boss. However, the boss doesn’t want his daughter to spend her lifetime with him, just because he’s a poor person. That’s why he determines to enrich his life by looking for previous treasures everywhere. Partake in the game and lend him a hand right away, dear all players!Legend has it that there is a hidden cave on a remote mountain, which contains a lot of valuable things. To collect all these treasures, he needs your support, of course! The first task you must do is to mine available rocks on the screen to collect iron, gold, coppers, tins, sapphires stones, and dragonstones. Next, consider exchanging these items for money and spend the money on tools, weapons, and other upgrades.That is all about Mineral Rush! Have a fun moment!

How to play

The game is just enjoyed by using the left mouse.