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Minecraft is considered an open world where its buzzes may experience the work as a constructor who freely makes their awesome projects in mind come true. Taking great inspiration from Minecraft, Minicraft is expected to be outstanding and prominent that will not make you disappointed for sure. Come on!The game revolves around a man whose wish is to turn a new land into a colored world full of wonders and masterpieces. To help him, you must do a lot of tasks. First of all, earn and gather resources by mining blocks scattered around the land. Second, wisely use these items for the process of building to set up the expected constructions. Along with that, be careful of dangerous green creepers. Touching them too much means that the man loses his health gradually and passes away later.Explore Minicraft now!

How to play

The A, W, S, and D keys: Move. The left mouse: Destroy blocks. The spacebar key: Place blocks. The Q/E keys: Select the blocks. The C key: Craft. The F key: Fire arrows. The F1: Create a new world.