Money Movers 2

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Money Movers 2 is considered a two-player platform puzzler where 2 brothers are making their own way through a secure prison. You must become their leaders, or you are killed anytime! Let's go!Escaping from prison is the main goal. You should control 2 criminals, sometimes, at the same time. However, the ability to guide these characters is a stimulating challenge. In each level, please navigate them around different obstacles and puzzles in an attempt to reach the exit portal. Don't forget to gather bags of money. In some case, you're also forced to get creative by using one criminal to jump on head of the other to reach new heights. 20 levels (plus a bonus) are included in total. Solving the puzzle of breaking free and avoiding all of the obstacles increasingly becomes challenging as you go along.In the end, it's the sort of collaboration which makes Money Movers 2 a little different from any average platform games, right? Try best

How to play

The first criminal: Arrow keys. The other one: The WASD keys.