Monster Frontier

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We are cheerful to invite action-game lovers to a fantastic training-fighting genre, namely Monster Frontier! What for? Don't be dazzled because a countless number of cool traits just await your exploration! Come on!1000 years ago, humans found it proud and glorious to win an aggressive army of monsters. After keeping everything in balance, today, such the Earthy trainers, with the support of the Beast, aim to conquer another planet. Hey, you're summoned to accompany to their combat! First, feel free to choose your favorable hero between Claude and Claudia. Then, help your unit hone their fighting skills and powers. Get ready? Please command the group of monsters to enter the battlefield and defeat all the opponents. Spend rewarded money on new equipment and other essential materials so that the unit's endurance, dexterity and agility are well upgraded.Believe that you're able to become an excellent monster-trainer? Demonstrate your ability via Monster Frontier now!

How to play

The mouse: Play Monster Frontier.