Mr Splibox 2

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The saga of Mr. Splibox, namely Mr. Splibox 2, continues amazing you with a lot of stunning innovations. If you cannot stand to enjoy the game anymore, hit the Ready button to get it started right now!!Smoking Astronaut – Mr. Splibox's enemy – rudely aimed to slaughter Mr. Splibox and his friends. He just set the deadly traps everywhere and waited for the results! Unluckily, Splibox's friends are all captured; thus, he needs to rescue them by solving the puzzles. Without your contribution, he cannot complete these challenges on his own. What mainly to do now? Simply guide him through all the places of the game map to find the exits. Besides, please consider replicating and stacking the boxes to reach your goal!Mr. Splibox 2 lets you make, bounce and launch squares with ease. It is also possible to come up with new ways to walk through each level.

How to play

Get the spliboxes: The spacebar or the up arrow key. Move somewhere: The left and right arrow keys.