Mustache Attack

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A poor creature, called Mr. Potato, is really in need of your supportive hands since his beloved family has been abducted by the Evil-Stache and his aggressive minions. Hurry up, or something worst does happen to them! Nimbly engage in Mustache Attack!Helping the critter accomplish all the in-game stages in a smart and wise way is what every player must consider. They include unlocking advanced weapons, prevailing over all the hostiles, and killing the Boss at the end. Along the way, you must be alerted to avoid the fierce counter-attacks launched by such the enemies; otherwise, the main protagonist is put to death soon.That's all! Dare to keep all challenges of Mustache Attack under control? Wow, you are so brave and confident! Let us see your imposing performances!

How to play

Go with the WASD or arrow keys. Aim and Shoot with the left mouse.