Naruto Bike Ride

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Hey, why don't you engage in Naruto Bike Ride – a fun riding game with many terrific features? It is worth to surround yourself with the race full of challenges!At that time, every player is asked to take control of Naruto – a famous character in cartoon film – so that he's able to ride his motorbike to the target in each stage. Please remember that the road to the destination is full of rocks, crates, logs, stones, and other obstacles. That's why he must control his vehicle skillfully to overcome them all. Further, any unexpected crash (such as banging the vehicle on some barriers) causes the main character to fall down and fail in the current stage. Be cautious so that the next stages are open.Naruto Bike Ride is a perfect zone to challenge yourself, guys! Get ready? Here we are!

How to play

The right, left, up and down arrow keys are all pressed to control the motorbike.