Piggy Wiggy 3

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Piggy Wiggy 3 is indeed the newest physics-puzzle of the saga of Piggy Wiggy. Your task today is to lead the Piggys towards the acorns by using the left mouse and logical strategies! Dare to encounter its challenge? Here we are!The game includes a lot of levels in which each simply requests you to help a piggy eat all the acorn nuts. How? Just make use of the rope attached to the pig, a yellow knob, or a bubble to move him around. Because the rope attachment has a very unique range on it, try to be careful and cautious! Apply the cables to attach to over one thing at once, and use your wise strategy to swing the cute piggy across the level through cutting one of the ropes. Winning the level means that you must consume all the acorns!To understand more about Piggy Wiggy 3, you should have a real experience about the game on your own, I bet! Happy playing!

How to play

Support the pigs by using the mouse.