Pinata Hunter 3

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Hurry to step into Pinata Hunter 3 to become a proficient hunter that discovers everything precious now! What make the cool game prominent? Enjoy the its content to find out the final answer here!Its name says all what you must do. Yes, every player will be invited to a party game, called Piñata. Merely make use of the supplied weapon to damage the in-game item and get candies & presents. Surprisingly, money will be added after every constant hit. Don't forget to spend the big accumulated fund on the more robust weapons (bats, blades, swords, knives, hammers, and so on). Actually, Piñata is commonly enjoyed as a traditional festival that definitely appeals to many joiners in Latin America.We are ready for the special festival. How about you? Get full-prepared to embark on Pinata Hunter 3 right away!

How to play

The game is activated by using the left mouse.