Pre Civilization Bronze Age

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If having any free time, don't hesitate to head towards Pre-Civilization Bronze Age to enjoy the moments! This fascinating strategy game will give you a great occasion to explore the prehistoric age!When landing foot on the playing field, the gamers are going to role-play a brilliant commander. In here, you're asked to construct and develop your own land to boost the tribesmen's life. Are there many things to do? Remember, you must complete all the quests perfectly. Alright, it's time to take action! The people here are hungry; thus, you're required to carry out some vital things to improve their energy. It's a must to hire few farmers to take care of vegetable and fruit garden as well as the animals. No enemy in the beginning, bear in mind! However, players should recruit couples of powerful units! Please train them well before dipping into the fierce combat with the enemies!What do you think? Join in Pre-Civilization Bronze Age and vanquish the quests!

How to play

The mouse plays a vital role in this game.