Puppet Ice Hockey 2014

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Puppet Ice Hockey 2014 does bring its fans all the joy and excitement of world class hockey tournament. It's time to play split-screen multiplayer mode to compete with your enemy on the same device. Simply train, practice much and keep scoring!During the game, it is quite possible to find all the noted ice hockey sock puppets and teams here. Every player is carefully required to sharpen their skates, wear their jerseys and grab their sticks. Before choosing your position, please ask yourself whether you are an offensive slap-shot type or a defensive goalie guy? Or you might be proficient at stick-handling. For every match, try best to practice, train your chosen characters over times, accomplish cross checks and body checks, as well as keep scoring.Did you know that you're in one of the strictest forms in the world champion? Win the content of Puppet Ice Hockey 2014 by hook or by crook!

How to play

Player 1: Move with the arrow keys while shooting with the Spacebar/down key. Player 2: Step with the WAD keys while shooting with the S key.