Puzzle Tower

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Welcome you all to Puzzle Tower – a logical puzzle game! Your friend has kidnapped and imprisoned in a scary tower. Please rescue and get him out of the tower. Are you confident enough to solve the puzzles of every level and find your way out? Let's go!Surprisingly, to open each gate and solve all the challenges, you also need great support from your locked buddy. While wandering around in a synchronized and cautious way by the arrow keys, you must get assured that both the characters step on the key tiles for sure. Along the path, don't forget to grab the stars, which offer you many benefits in return. Because the terrific puzzle game is seemingly concluded with perceptiveness, those with the strong brains may find it easy and convenient to become the winners!Believe that you and your fellow can escape from the tower ideally? How excellent! Prove your talents by landing on Puzzle Tower instantly!

How to play

Either the WASD keys or arrow keys are acceptable to take control of the main protagonists.