Raze 2

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Hello, all Raze fans! Did you know that Raze 2 Free has been released to play? It's time to shout out, right?At that time, players will be in charge of a brave hero who plays a vital role in saving the world from the invaders' assault. Firstly, please choose one special campaign, and then guide your hero to wandering around the city to spot & kill the foes. Thanks to a lot of advanced weapons, everything becomes easier for players to correctly aim and shoot at the targets all. It's also a need to pick up the scattered power-ups on the floor to improve his power. Ah, remember to bring your hero to the Storage so that he can carefully prepare powerful equipment, weapons, and abilities in any worst time.No time to waste anymore! Visit Raze 2 Free and have fun!

How to play

Move: Arrow keys. Aim & shoot: The mouse. Special attacks: The number keys. Use abilities: The Ctrl key. Change weapon: The Q/E key.