Raze 3

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Just because the Earth is the best place to live, hordes of aliens from other planets are aiming to invade it! Your participation in Raze 3 plays a vital role in the survival of the Universe! Come on!It's better to realize that the aliens are crowded, powerful, and also equipped with the most vigorous weapons & vehicles. That's why our talented scientists have created a soldier robot that is smart and strong enough to deal with these dangerous foes. At present, players are required to become the wise controller of the robot so that he's able to knock out all the enemies ahead. Let's guide the protagonist around the game map and quickly assault them before they launch counter-attacks on him. Occasionally, many types of weapons are also scattered on the floor. Don't miss a chance to pick and use them to beat up the horrible hostiles more efficiently.Good luck to you all during Raze 3! Here we go!

How to play

Move around by the ASDW or arrow keys. Aim and shoot by the left mouse.