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Guys, are you ready to receive a new mission and perform it immediately? If yes, Raze is waiting for you! Don't hesitate anymore! Tap Start button and we can begin!In the initial edition of the Raze series, the players have to carry out several difficult tasks. Have enough ability and skill to overcome? Let's see! Before accepting the important request from the headquarters, take time to guide your soldier how to move, fly, and use the weapon. Then, send him to the battleground in order to find the enemies. Be equipped with many modern weapons, can he survive in the battle? Be careful and cautious to look around and watch out the rivals. The more enemies you defeat, the more money you will gain. Use it to upgrade equipment and enhance soldier's power.Ok, be fully-prepared and access to Raze to save the world now! Let's see who will be the last survivor in the battle!

How to play

Press arrow keys to move. Tap 0-9 keys to choose weapons. Hit Spacebar to jump.