Reach the core

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Hey, start your day by enjoying a mining game, called Reach the core right now! There are 2 robots exploring around the space. Suddenly, both run out of energy. When feeling hopeless, they luckily see plasma at the core of a nearby planet. It is time to take the mine drill and Reach the core! They need to recharge energy right now!The drill is what you must role-play at this time. Carefully control it towards the core of the planet so that items on the way can be well gathered. But, it is unlikely to achieve fuel and resources as much as possible in just a single trip. That's why the good idea is to save energy and boost! Ah, remember to make deals on new parts and pieces so as to keep the exploit on the track.We believe that you can keep Reach the core under control!

How to play

The Mouse: Choose options and launch. WASD and Arrow keys: Move. A sharp mind: Avoid any obstacles.