Rogue Soul 2

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The sequel to the hit Rogue Soul just comes back with more and more gripping traits. Yes, Rogue Soul 2 is what we want to tell about. Immediately run through each level by bashing opponents and stealing their money along the way. Accomplishing all the objectives is certainly the best way to become the winner. Let's go!The featured character here is determined to become the looter of the town. It is your duty to assist him in running, jumping, slashing, sliding, and doing everything in order to get through the rough terrains as well as achieving what he's here for. To have a full preparation for the incoming hassles, which he'll face up to within the quest, it is highly advisable to purchase needful upgrades from the Shop. The wide range of skin options during the gameplay also makes it more exciting.Good luck and wish to see your imposing achievements throughout Rogue Soul 2 soon!

How to play

The arrow keys: Go around. The Z key: Slide. The X key: Throw. The P or Esc key: Pause.