Royal Protectors

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The Western border just gets the unsettling news today: The countryside is now dealing with a swarm of aggressive enemies. The land has to suffer from the devastation of the dead and the Orcs ravage. Nimbly enter Royal Protectors – a TD strategy game – to show off your strategic plan right now!Users may be familiar with the game's TD background due to its whole graphics and gameplay. Generally, its prime objective is to protect the countryside from the attack of the dead and other invaders via setting up warrior units in the battlefield. Placing the possible units at the excellent plots so that the opponents will be exterminated after accessing the deployed areas is the first task. Coins will be added to your budget any time each of the foes is totally slain. Spend the income on upgrading the protective deployment, remember!Royal Protectors is a good place for those who want to have themselves trained as a smart commander. Let's enjoy!

How to play

Get the game activated by the left mouse.