Run 3

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Nothing is more incredible than enjoying a sense of roaming around the galaxy in Run 3 ! It's hard to believe it, right? Let self experience this wonderful moment right away!Firstly, players must choose 1 among 2 exciting game modes, including Explore & Infinite. Next, it is time to run all ways to discover anything splendid and fabulous in the outer space. Wisely use the prescribed buttons to take control over the main character and remember not to let him fall into the galaxy. Exhibit your directing skill by controlling him to skate, move left/right, bounce, float, and jump over the deep gaps cleverly and carefully. Whenever making a mistake, you have to start running again. Don't let this happen, ok! Plus, attempt to fulfill all of the requirements in Shop to prove your running capacity. For a resounding victory, it's better to keep cautious in your concentration and clever in guiding.There is no time to waste anymore! Join in Run 3 and take action now, my dear runners!

How to play

The arrow/WASD keys are tapped to run. The spacebar is pressed to jump.