Running Fred Lite

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Hey, all gamers of Running Fred Lite! Dare to help a young boy who's ready to sneak into a deadly dungeon and unravel everything here? Wow, he is truly a brave person. For sure, your participation can make the journey smoother, I bet! Let's go!The name of the boy we have just mentioned is Fred. Staying in the dungeon's bottom, he must get through all the deadly rooms to come to the surface. As he automatically runs ahead, your major job here is to help him jump, evade, or even slide under traps or barriers along his way. Frighteningly, the Death is also chasing him and taking his life away right after he smashes blocks, walls, and boxes. The boy has only 3 lives to survive from the dungeon! Try best to let him approach the checkered flag of every room safely.Get ready to deal with the upcoming challenge within Running Fred Lite? Good luck!

How to play

Move left and right through the left and right arrow keys. Jump by the spacebar.