Ruthless Pandas

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Hey, get ready to become a liberated pirate whose missions are to protect the Planet of the Pandas and bring the stolen crystals back in Ruthless Pandas? Then, upgrading your ship, knocking out all the bosses, and finding your destiny are what you must do now! Let's go!Its story is about the brown bears who release aggressive attacks on the panda bears. And at present, such the pandas want to strike back! Just assist a bunch of Ruthless Pandas in eliminating all the foes. How? You must draw lines to shoot missiles at them. Meanwhile, try to pick up red gems that are used to buy superb upgrades for your airship. Throughout this fun side-scrolling distance game, the main objectives include eradicating all targets and approaching the end of the track.Got it? Hope that you fall in love with Ruthless Pandas soon!

How to play

Only the mouse is considered to play the game.